Are you looking for Online Notepad++ ?? .. This online free tool was developed by Don Ho. Almost 14 years ago in the year of 2003, November 24 Notepad++ was initialized. hosted this project for the first time and this led to the download more than 28 million times. It got the best developer award twice times by the SourceForge Community. From 2010 to 2015 the project was handled by the TuxFamily. Afterward, GitHub is hosting the project since 2015. Scintilla editor is the main editing component of Notepad++.

A Java-based text editor which is best known as JEXT is used in developing this source code editor. but, due to the poor performance, it did not work out. Later, He tried to finish up the work by Scintilla with editing the text written in C++.But his company did not respond to his idea. He amplified his work in his free time. The project was built as the application of Microsoft Windows. And after a long experiment, In the year of 2003, this free source code website got released.

Details Online Notepad++ :

A notepad is a pad of blank or white pages for writing notes. But, in this era of the digital world, a notepad can be an online tool for noting your useful documents or information online. For example, one can use an online notepad for storing useful data, useful facts or anything useful which one can find online into its own online document holder. There are numerous online tools or programs, which can be used for noting down online notes. For example, you can use Ever note, one note or you can use for effectively using your notes.  In short, Notepad is simple text editor software to create a simple document. It supports every extension name of the file.

Notepad++ online

The source code editing has been very easy with the online Notepad++. The replacement of this software supports various programming languages. The Windows text editor is already built on The Notepad++. This text editor allows the feature of tabbed editing. well, Tabbed editing text editor signifies the software is flexible with the opening various files in a single window.Computer languages Like C, C#, C++, CSS, PHP, Java, HTML. Javascript and so many types are supported in this code editor.

Important Drawbacks: –

Notepad ++ free is completely free in your web browser. Nowadays saving the links, to-do lists, ideas, and other normal texts has been very easy with the Notepad++. The “AutoSave function” permits to recapture all the data as a draft. The “autosave function” also works in a pathetic condition such as if your browser tab, window or the web browser get closed. So, going back to the notes or the text is absolutely safe and easy for all the users.XML files of Notepad++ can also support internationalization. Here are some drawbacks of this tool.

  • The Official Website isit con: “”
  • It has the License of “GNU General Public License version 2”
  • Notepad++ is available in almost 84 languages.
  • Type of this tool is “Source code editor”
  • The tool is written in C++ language
  • The Operating system for this online website is Microsoft Windows.
  • It uses the Platform IA-32, x86-64.
  • The Total Size of this tool is 2.90 MB.

Features online notepad ++

You can use Notepad++ as your default text editor. It is very simple and fast. Here are the features to use his tool effectively for all kind of web developers and designers.

  • The utmost feature is Syntax Folding and the highlighting syntax.
  • It conducts Search or Replaces by Perl Compatible Regular Expression, which is known as PCRE.
  • Screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3 and screenshot 4 are the Syntax Highlighting with the Folding features.
  • The close button tab, the tab of the multi-line, minimalist, document list of the Vertical tab is completely customizable by GUI.
  • Function parameters hint, function completion, and Word completion are automatically completed by the software.
  • It also includes Document Map with it.
  • Tab interface of Multi-Document, Multi-View, WYSIWYG for printing is also useful for the users.
  • The notepad++ supports the Multi-Language environment in it.
  • The Zoom in and then zoom out feature help to use the software effectively.
  • The playback and Macro recording are additive features of this.
  • The online notepad has the option of unsaved files. It can backup all the unsaved files automatically.
  • Unicode, UTF-16 encodings, ASCII is some encodings for text formats.
  • It includes multi-line and over multiple documents, Square selection, marking and summary of occurrences. In fact, with regular expressions, it can Find and replace the words.
  • The more advantages of this online web browser are such that: comparison of Data, Drag-and-drop, playback system with Macro recording.
  • The execution of Bookmarks, synchronous editing, scrolling simultaneously and split-screen editing, the interface of Tabbed document, synthesis of Speech.

Online notepad++ editor

Working with such cloud storage like documents via Dropbox, Google Drive is quite easy with the Notepad++ online. Without any doubt, it is the best text editor for Windows. This online-based website is completely free for all kinds of users. In fact, It does not require to download the tool. Notepad++  is one of the best choices for the Chromebook. Notepad++ is also a secured tool as it saves the text only on your device, which will not be available for others. By creating the temporary links you can send your notes or texts to anyone.well, this multipage notepad supports to handle all the saved texts or drafts. The drafts are well managed by the time and date. So, users can find out their data or texts very easily.

How to download Online Notepad++ latest version

Download Notepad++ for Pc

1: Download EXE file




2: Locate the downloaded Autocad PC file in Downloads Folder – run it as an administrator – and install it on your PC.


Hope we are left with zero confusions regarding the topic Online notepad ++ download . If you have still any problem regarding Notepad++ free download then you can drop your issues in the comment box. How helpful was the article? don’t forget to let us know. Thank you!

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